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Full Ride

  • A Junior Library Guild selection, 2013
  • An Apple ibooks Best of 2013

Becca thought her life was over when her father was sent to prison for embezzlement. It didn’t help that he used her as his excuse: “How else is a guy like me supposed to send his daughter to college?” After the trial, she and her mother fled town, started over in a new place, and vowed to never let anyone know who they really are.

Now, four years later, Becca is starting her senior year of high school, and thinks she might be ready to shed some of the secrecy. It seems like she might have to do that to apply for college and college scholarships and financial aid. But what if she and her mother were escaping more than just shame when they ran away? And what if Becca has already revealed enough of the truth to put them both in danger?

“The disastrous turns that Becca’s senior year takes will rivet readers and perhaps even alleviate some stress about their own (presumably scandal-free) application processes.”
Publishers Weekly


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