Palace of Lies: Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you decide to continue the story begun in Just Ella and Palace of Mirrors?

As I was writing Palace of Mirrors, I felt certain that Desmia had an interesting story of her own, one that continued past the end of Mirrors. But Desmia was such a private, secretive character that for a long time, I felt like she was even keeping secrets from me! It wasn’t until I heard about a real-life palace in Denmark that burned to the ground because of the right people didn’t know about its secret passages—oh, the symbolism!—that I realized that the secret passages in my fictional Palace of Mirrors would also be the way in to Desmia’s story.

Do you plan to continue the Palace Chronicles by jumping to the story of one of the other princesses?

It’s possible, but I’m feeling more of a pull to tell other stories right now, set in other worlds.

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