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Palace of Mirrors

The Palace Chronicles, Book #2

For as long as Cecilia can remember, she has known that she is not just another peasant girl. Instead, she is the true princess of her kingdom, in hiding, waiting until the evil forces who killed her parents are vanquished. To make sure that no enemy finds her—or even looks–the knights who are protecting her have placed an impostor on the throne, the so-called Princess Desmia.

But as she gets older, Cecilia finds it harder and harder to study statesmanship and palace protocol at night, in secret, by candlelight, and then pretend by day that she has nothing more on her mind than figuring out how to scrub the gruel stains out of her best apron. When danger threatens in her own village, Cecilia grabs the chance to take matters into her own hands. With her best friend, Harper, she flees to the capital city, planning to take the throne now, and protect the other girl. But when Cecilia and Harper reach the famed Palace of Mirrors, they discover that Princess Desmia has been told an entirely different version of her kingdom’s history…

“Plenty of fun here from a superior author.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Middle-grade aficionados of Gail Carson Levine and Shannon Hale will find much to like in this welcome addition to the ever-growing canon of smart-princess stories.”


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