Redeemed: Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you decide to write an eighth book in this series?

My original plans were to only have seven. But as I was writing the seventh book, Revealed, I didn’t feel like I was coming to an end. Instead, exciting things kept happening that opened the story up more, and gave me more that I wanted to write about. I realized that I would either need to write an epilogue that was as long as the original Revealed—or add an eighth book. I was very happy when my agent and the publisher agreed that an eighth book would be a good idea.

Why did you choose to tell this story from Jordan’s perspective, rather than Jonah’s like all the others?

Two reasons. First, I thought Jordan’s perspective was more interesting at this point. By now, time travel is old hat to Jonah—and Katherine, too, for that matter. Even though Jonah is gobsmacked by the gigantic change of suddenly having an identical twin brother that he’s never met before, he understand what’s going on. Everything that happens to Jordan is totally out of the blue, totally unexpected. I knew that would be more fun to write about.

Secondly, writing from Jordan’s perspective made my job easier when it came to explaining the backstory of the seven previous books. Everything is new to him, so that made it more natural to bring in all the old information.

Why do you say people act like Jordan and Jonah are the same person? Identical twins may look alike, but they aren’t the same!

I apologize to any identical twins who were bothered by this. But I was trying to show that Jordan and Jonah are in a unique situation, one that (to the best of my knowledge!) no other identical twins have ever faced. When time changes brought together their two dimensions, neither dimension had space for the other twin. Jordan and Jonah are not only genetically identical, but they were also raised in virtually identical circumstances—without the other twin present. So they didn’t even have the normal differences most identical twins have of, say, being placed in a different classroom every year, or being picked first vs. second for the kickball team, or being the twin who always has to play first during the piano recital, etc. Jordan and Jonah are definitely different people, but they’re going to have to work even harder than most identical twins do to show those differences to the rest of the world.

Is this really the end of the series?

Yes. I am sad about saying good-bye to Jonah, Katherine, Chip, Angela, JB, Jordan, and everyone else—even Second, Gary and Hodge! But as I was finished Redeemed, I did feel every bit of that sense of closure I was missing as I wrote Revealed.

I can offer two little extras you might have missed: There are two short stories connected to the Missing series that are available online only: “Sought” and “Rescued.” They don’t continue the story after the end of Redeemed; in fact, “Sought” fits in between Caught and Risked, and “Rescued” fits after Risked. But at least these two stories can add extra dimension to some characters and situations you might have wondered about.

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