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Palace of Lies

The Palace Chronicles, Book #3

Desmia and her twelve sister-princesses are finally ruling Suala together, as a united front. All seems to finally be well, and Suala seems to have gotten its happily ever after at last. But Desmia, trained by a lifetime of palace intrigue, is not so sure. She desperately wants to believe everything will be fine, but she can’t help but see danger around every corner.

And then the unthinkable happens, and Desmia’s worst fears are confirmed. Now without the support of the sister-princesses she’s grown to rely on or the trappings of royalty that she’s always taken for granted, Desmia must find the courage to seek out the truth on her own terms—and determine the course of two kingdoms.

“Readers enchanted with princesses and palace life will enjoy a hearty dish of royal conspiracy with a healthy side of sibling loyalty that should keep them satisfied until the next installment. Haddix is no stranger to best-seller lists, and she has another hit on her hands with the Palace Chronicles.”

“Haddix keeps the plot suspenseful even as she delves into Desmia’s new insights, providing plenty of entertainment along with some advice for life. Readers who enjoyed the earlier books will find plenty to like here…. A welcome return to the Just Ella universe.”
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